Bonfiglioli's space-saving heavy-duty drive reliably powers Sun Metals' zinc feeder

Bonfiglioli's space-saving heavy-duty drive reliably powers Sun Metals' zinc feeder

A compact but powerful Bonfiglioli HDO 170 drive selected for its durability and reliability under all conditions is helping power a Transmin Low Profile Feeder (LPF) for a Sun Metals zinc refining operation.

Bonfiglioli's HDO 170 drive which has been operating efficiently and productively since commissioning was engineered and assembled in Australia to provide a space-saving solution for Sun Metals, who needed to fit the LPF with attached drive into a tight space in their existing pit.

It features a 75 kW motor that produces 127,700 Nm of torque. "The compact design was one of the major benefits of using a Bonfiglioli drive for Sun Metals LPF. Additionally, the service and support from the Bonfiglioli team is always prompt and professional", says Mr Tony Warren, Lead Design Engineer, Transmin. Transmin is a world-class provider of innovative engineered equipment, supplies and services to the manufacturing, mining, resources and bulk materials handling industries, with engineered equipment currently deployed in over 60 countries.

The Transmin LPF handles zinc concentrate at 400tph and is positioned beneath a large hopper, which is filled by side tipping trucks. The zinc concentrate is then fed into the process plant for refining into zinc metal. "The reliability of Bonfiglioli's drives is first-class. We've used their drives in numerous projects across Australia, including some in harsh conditions, and their durability and reliability have always been outstanding", said Mr Warren. "Transmin's LPF is essentially a hybrid feeder" delivering the advantages of both belt and apron feeders, plus additional unique benefits over conventional feeder technology, including the ability to change direction using a bend transition. A reliable drive is essential to power the LPF and provide consistent performance for our customers like Sun Metals", he said. "Apart from the quality that is engineered into the heavy-duty drive, it's the service from Bonfiglioli that sets them apart. Their team worked with us from day one to provide a custom-tailored solution for Sun Metals, and they were there throughout the entire process. They have also been helpful and available for any after-sales service we have needed."

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