Tailor-made IIOT solutions and new development at Bauma Munich 2019

In this edition of the Bauma, Bonfiglioli will present two examples of its digitalization know-how for two important applications. 

First, the HDO gearboxes used for several applications in harsh or aggressive environments, where the right timing for oil or component replacement (such as ball bearings and gears), can reduce costs and maintenance risks, just by observing the data provided by the predictive maintenance system. 
Second, the F620 gearbox used in excavator’s application, where the openness of the condition monitoring system to different kind of motors and data inputs allows to monitor the health status, define the right maintenance time and reduce replacement times, by predicting the next failures and the type of component to be replaced. 

Bonfiglioli’s IIOT-technology is an innovative solution for constantly monitoring the health of a gearbox, particularly relevant for all applications where early fault detection is critical in increasing reliability as well as lowering operational costs, maintenance costs and reducing downtime. By combining inverters, sensors and know-how-based algorithms, it is possible to measure in real time a series of data coming from the mechatronic chain, such as the current, torque, power, speed, vibration or temperature; these data are transformed into process or fault information. 

Bonfiglioli’s tailored-made IIOT platforms enable a precise follow-up of the mechatronic chain and are devoted to the most critical parts of the machines where the capability to predict possible misuse, failure and aging due to working conditions can represent the difference between act and react. Thanks to its broad range of products, Bonfiglioli is able to provide customers with tailored solutions, ranging from automation to earth moving and mobile machineries. 

In 2018, Bonfiglioli already presented its condition monitoring system for a broad range of other applications in the mobile and industrial sectors, such as wind turbines, palletizing machines, forklifts, mining excavators and automatic storage systems.