Bonfiglioli Australia’s 30th anniversary

The land down under sees expansion of engineering expertise and customized solutions

For more than 30 years, Bonfiglioli Australia, based in Sydney, has been serving customers from the mining, food & beverage, power generation, manufacturing, agriculture and construction industries. 

Thanks to expansion of its local engineering expertise and their ability to design customized solutions tailored to individual customer needs, the branch is growing more and more.

The Customer Application Engineer team was introduced in 2018 to respond to increasingly diverse, specialized demand in Australian industries. Bonfiglioli drives are designed to withstand the arduous conditions often found in Australian climates, which experience high temperature fluctuations and harsh climactic extremes.

In recent years, we’ve seen a higher demand for unique solutions to complex engineering problems. As a company that’s now been operating in Australia for 30 years, we noticed this trend early and have been consistently expanding our in-house engineering expertise and capabilities to provide further advantages for our customers,” said Malcolm Lewis, Managing Director, Bonfiglioli Australia.

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