Hannover Messe 2017: Bonfiglioli announces new product series launch, new product improvements and new product series expansion

Bonfiglioli expands its product offering with the introduction of the new planetary gear 300M series. This new series, with its optimized reduction stages, stands for highest performance, a higher torque density for the same compact dimensions and is available in 20 sizes with an output torque of 1.3 to 1,300 kNm. The planetary drives of the 300M series are equipped with newly designed planet bearings, which grant up to 50 percent more torque at high numbers of cycles. The new planetary gear 300M series by Bonfiglioli is fully interchangeable with the well-known planetary gear 300 series and is suitable for integrated geared motors, IEC and NEMA electric and hydraulic motors.

The company also presents the drive controller Active Cube 7 with the improvement of the power range of 160 or 200 kW with water cooling. The drives are available for 400 Volt supply voltage. The compact ACU 7 converters in the 160 kW version have a high-power density of 2 kW/dm. The 200 kW water-cooled version of the new ACU 7 drives achieves the extra ordinary power-density value of 2.5 kW/dm3. The improved ACU 7 drives are particularly suitable to medium and heavy-duty industries such as material handling, mining, sugar, water and waste water, road construction, and plastics.

Last but not least, Bonfiglioli announces the expansion of its range of helical-bevel gear drives by presenting four new sizes of the proven HDO helical-bevel gear series: 71, 81, 91 and 95 ranging from 9 to 23 kNm torque. The design of the new helical-bevel gear units of the HDO series are modular in design, extremely reliable, and offer high flexibility due to vertical and horizontal symmetry.