The European commission identifies Bonfiglioli, ESI Group, and KK Wind Solutions as “key innovators”

Bonfiglioli, ESI Group, and KK Wind Solutions have been identified as a key innovator by the Innovation Radar under the Horizon 2020 project IoTwins, contributing to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and clean energy. This EU-funded innovation promotes UN sustainable development goals on producing clean and affordable energy.

The Innovation Radar European Commission has analyzed the use case “Digital Twins for Wind-farm predictive Maintenance System via WTG Control System and sensorized Gear Motors” part of the IoTwins project. As main players Bonfiglioli, ESI Group and KK wind were labeled as “key innovators” for the contribution in the development of a predictive maintenance application using digital twins for a wind farm in Northern Ireland. A great result for a very ambitious project. This innovation has been categorized based on different criteria: the analysis of the market, the technical maturity exploration of the use case and its value creation opportunity.

“Being coordinator of such a large and innovative project is an honor for Bonfiglioli, and also a sort of crowning of our path within the Horizon 2020 projects framework. We started in 2012 as simple partner in a funded project, then we participated in other projects, as partner, but also as Work Package Leader, and today, since 2019, we have the great chance to lead this consortium. I have to sincerely thank all our partners for their effective commitment that allowed us to deliver robust results even though the covid crisis created several problems in running this project.” says Francesco Millo Bonfiglioli ‘s Strategic Planning and M&A Director