Bonfiglioli’s Manufacturing Excellence Academy listed among the best Academy in Italy

Our academy has been reviewed by Il Sole 24 Ore, leading Italian business newspaper

At Bonfiglioli, we believe that people are at the heart of technology and are the decisive factor behind the digital revolution. That's why in 2018 we launched a pilot project, the Bonfiglioli Digital Re-Training, to tackle the digital change that the company is also carrying out through the new Evo plant, emblem of the 4.0 industry.

Thanks to the success of the pilot, the Manufacturing Excellence Academy 4.0 was founded. As part of this project, ad hoc training courses have been built for 23 roles, involving over 400 people and providing 18 thousand hours of training in 2019. Bonfiglioli's people had the opportunity to get involved in three different thematic areas to better face the digital transformation.

  • Firstly training was aimed at developing technical skills with a special focus on new technologies, such as Big Data, Dynamic Scheduling and Digital Twin. We worked both on the cultural aspect and the mindset.
  • Secondly we focused on the new roles of the new organization to accompany people in the changes that the new plant has brought.
  • Then a new working method, Bonfiglioli Production System, has been introduced. This method supports the functioning of the new plant Evo.

The Manufacturing Excellence Academy 4.0 represents one of the first concrete examples of a holistic approach for the development of 4.0 skills through a re-training path articulated in technical and cultural contents.

In 2020 people will continue to be the core of our organization and strategy through dedicated paths to develop roles and methodology.