EVO plant received ISO 50001:2018 certification

We took the first step in this journey last year when our Forlì plant was awarded ISO 50001:2018 certification for its Energy Management System. It has now been joined by our cutting-edge Calderara di Reno plant, near Bologna – further evidence of our commitment to embedding sustainable practices into our operations.

Global energy consumption has more than doubled over the past 40 years and is forecast to increase by another 30% by 2040, with disastrous consequences on the environment. At Bonfiglioli, however, we’re determined to buck the trend by taking practical action to limit the impact of our energy use.

The ISO 50001 standard provides organisations with a blueprint for creating, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an Energy Management System by using new technologies, cutting waste and optimising processes. Once the system is in place, it makes energy use more efficient and more effective, with big impacts on the environment.

In line with the existing ISO certification our plants have achieved in other areas – quality, the environment and occupational health and safety standards – our Energy Management System impacts each part of our product life cycle, as well as encouraging other companies in the supply chain to consider their own energy use.

Our ISO 50001 certification should also be viewed in the context of our wider concern for the environment, which is embodied in our commitment to making energy-efficient products and developing solutions for the wind, solar and recycling sectors, as well as promoting a culture of respect for the natural world.