Bonfiglioli Web Press Conference

Excellence, passion, commitment and sustainability drove the developement of our two newly born EVOX and AxiaVert

We welcome the two newly born EVOX & AxiaVert


EVOX is Bonfiglioli’s new geared motor platform. Efficiency, reliability, modularity and performance were the drivers behind the development of the EVOX Platform. Thanks to an enhanced modularity concept, EVOX represents a step forward for Bonfiglioli’s product range, with solutions for a wide spectrum of applications. The uncompromised selection of commercial components, the broad use of gear grinding processes, and specific silent gear design make EVOX a benchmark product in terms of reliability and efficiency.   

AxiaVert is the new Bonfiglioli's premium frequency inverter series.The new AxiaVert provides the ultimate combination of flexibility, modularity and connectivity, aimed at offering an optimal response to specific industrial application requirements across a wide range of sectors and with different degrees of complexity. AxiaVert is now available in 4 sizes, with a power range between 0.25 – 15 kW. Higher power versions will be released at a later stage.

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