Selcom Group S.p.A is specialized in the design, production and sale of electronic boards, electronic products, as well as software and solutions for customers in the industrial, biomedical, automotive, intra-logistics and home-appliance automation sectors.

Bonfiglioli S.p.A has agreed to acquire Selcom Group S.p.A from funds controlled by Avenue Capital Group and Europa Investimenti S.p.A.

Selcom Group S.p.A, headquartered in Castel Maggiore (BO), had a 2022 turnover of approximately €150 million. The company employs approximately 750 employees across 4 production plants in Italy and 2 plants in Shanghai.

Selcom also stands out for its engineering area where it employs about 70 people between Italy and China. This company area includes Research and Development and process engineering for Hardware, Software and Mechanics as well as the in-house design of product validation test methods which, together with a high level of service and close collaboration with the customer, it completes the differentiating positioning of the Company in the market.

Selcom Group S.p.A represents a decisive strengthening of the electronic soul of Bonfiglioli, which was born in 2001 with the acquisition of the German Vectron Elektronik Gmbh, today Bonfiglioli Vectron Gmbh, a group company that designs and manufactures electronic drives for electric motors mostly for industrial uses. This acquisition will increase Bonfiglioli's development capacity, guaranteeing greater production verticalization, higher competitiveness and stronger control of quality standards.

Completion of the transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals.