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3/H Series
Combined Planetary/Helical Bevel Heavy Duty Gear Units
The Bonfiglioli 3/H Series combines the high torque density of planetary gear units with the robustness and high-speed operation of the helical bevel heavy-duty products. This configuration can provide great power transmission in a very compact space, thanks to its angular layout. The 3/H Series can also come with a set of features such as hydraulic couplings or cooling circuits, adapted according to customers' needs..


Torque Range

Torque (Nm)
  • 3/HDO 15
  • 3/HDO 16
  • 3/HDO 17
  • 3/HDO 18
  • 3/HDO 19
  • 3/HDO 21
  • 3/HDO 23
  • 3/HDO 25
  • Key benefits

    High continuous transmissible torque and power
    Suitable for all heavy-duty applications
    High shock resistance
    High reliability
    Easy maintenance
    Highly customizable
  • Main options

    Auxiliary thermal devices
    Forced lubrication
    Backstop devices
    Torque arm
    Base plates
    Fluid couplings
    Shoe brakes
  • Torque range

    135,000 ...1,750,000 Nm
  • Gear ratios

    89.1... 1,070
  • Certifications

    Certificate of compliance
    Inspection certificate
  • Output

    Solid cylindrical shaft
    Solid shaft with keyway and supporting feet
    Hollow shaft with shrink disc and keyway
  • Motors

    Input with solid shaft
    Input with e-motor coupling:
    - M, ME, MX [compact asynchronous]
    - BN, BE, BX [IEC asynchronous]
    - BSR [IEC reluctance]
    - BS [IEC single phase]
  • Motor options

    Thermistors and thermostat sensors
    Independent forced cooling
    Incremental, sin/cos absolute single/multi-turn encoders
    Anti-condensation heaters

Key features

Highest transmissible torque in the Bonfiglioli portfolio

Designed to ensure the longest service intervals

Modular design

Wide range of available options

Several available cooling systems

Easy integration with base plates

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Brochure Heavy Duty

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