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Bonfiglioli supplies high-efficiency, low-noise planetary axles and drives with integrated high performance electric motors and low maintenance braking systems for Class 1 material handling vehicles. Typical applications include 3- and 4-wheel counterbalance lift trucks and ground support equipment. Bonfiglioli electric powertrains are fully tested in the factory and guarantee reduced energy consumption. This, in turn, means longer battery operating times, extended service intervals and lower cost of ownership. Bonfiglioli 600F Series drives are complemented by a range of idle steering systems based on axles or steering units, depending on the number of wheels on the vehicle.


Torque Range

Torque (Nm)
  • 601F
  • 602F
  • 603F
  • 605W
  • Main options

    Spring-applied hydraulic release parking brake
    Mechanical disengagement for towing, with no need to remove the wheel and without oil drop
  • Torque range

    3,000 ... 18,000 Nm (26,552 … 159,313 in-lb)
  • Gear ratios

    26 ... 42
  • Input speed

    up to 5,500 rpm

Key features

Dual planetary gearbox

Optimized gear design for maximum efficiency and minimum noise

Wet disc service brake with low displacement actuation

Parking brake with mechanical lever actuation

Integrated, customized mast support

Integrated AC traction motor in IP20 or IP43 protection ratings

Integrated, high accuracy, silicon-based KTY temperature sensor

Integrated, high resolution hall effect speed sensor



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Product Range Catalogue-Electromobility Solutions

Product Range Catalogue-Electromobility Solutions
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