A long history of power transmission and electric solutions

How did we become a major force in electric powertrain design?

Here at Bonfiglioli, we always strive to offer the best to our customers through innovative and cutting-edge solutions. In order to do so, we have to be pioneers and experiment before everyone else. Our history in electric applications started a long time ago, when we explored solutions for electric motors for the first time. Back in the early 80s, the first applications we developed were forklifts; then, in the 90s, we explored the wind power sector, gaining considerable know-how a little at a time.

The turning point

The scenario changed quickly, and we reached the turning point in the early 2000s, when the automotive market – one of the driving sectors for our industry - started focusing on electrification, by shifting from combustion to electric engines. In order to broaden our know-how, we searched for possible synergies and sectors where our business could successfully be expanded to, including the marine, agricultural, logistics, intralogistics and construction fields.

Electromobility competence center


In 2009, we created a special electromobility team - Bonfiglioli Electromobility Competence Center. Bonfiglioli invested immediately and consistently in resources, research and development. People with an electrical background were included in each team to capture synergies and "contaminate" each business division: sales, technical department, SDC, PED, after sales, test room, etc.

In those years, Bonfiglioli began a close cooperation with many key clients, working on different prototypes. 2012 was a pivotal year: for the first time, Bonfiglioli started producing single motor drive axles for a leading OEM, a new application and a new type of product beyond gearboxes.

In 2014, thanks to a major acquisition, Bonfiglioli became a full-liner, developing a complete portfolio of electromobility solutions for class I/II/III

In 2016, over 200,000 forklifts worldwide were driven by Bonfiglioli products. Partner of 3 leading international OEMs

In 2018, we inaugurated a plant expansion in Italy. The new unit, spreading over an area of approx. 10,000 square meters, is entirely dedicated to the production of electrical axles for powertrains and wheel drives of different sizes.

In 2019, the capacity was further increased by adding a high automation assembly line applying industry 4.0 concepts to mass production of dual motor drive axles for forklifts.