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Bonfiglioli solutions for AGVs

A wide range of modular AGVs solutions tailored to your needs

The AGV sector is constantly expanding. These machines are increasingly used in various fields of application (from logistics to intralogistics, from automotive to the most diverse industrial sectors). They serve to make the handling of goods and materials smoother and more fluid, efficient and precise, in an automatic and safe way, thus allocating the workforce for more productive and less repetitive jobs. AGVs therefore need technologically advanced, scalar and modular solutions to be successfully applied in all these different sectors.

Bonfiglioli platform is the right solutions for you!

What are AGVs?

AGVs are Automatic Guided Vehicles - with this acronym we mean a range of transportation robots that are driverless, like computer-controlled material-handling vehicles. These vehicles are programmed to transport materials through designated pickup and delivery routines within a facility.

The Bonfiglioli Way

AGV industry has registered a very rapid growth in recent years. This technology is rapidly adopted due to numerous advantages:

  • Shorter and faster product cycles
  • Increased needs for manufacturing flexibility
  • Increased ergonomic and safety
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • Easily expandable layout and system capacity
  • They enhance workplace safety by eliminating related accidents caused by human error
  • They perform tasks in dangerous environments such as handling hazardous substances, working in extreme temperatures and moving heavy materials

Companies continue to invest in automation, and in many cases AGVs are the most suitable solutions. Bonfiglioli oriented its offer to the deck load solutions because it is the one that responds to the most innovative design concept and the most technological one. In the latest years the company developed many AGVs solutions on the market and greatly valued expertise and direct support to partners. Therefore, Bonfiglioli now proposes a very innovative technological platform.

The AGV Systems Platform
Base version

It consists of a flanged version planetary gearbox with high-capacity load support and wheel integration.

Advanced version

It includes low voltage brushless motors for battery systems (typically 48 V / 24V). Across the company's know-how and highest level of customization the offer includes: extended motor – torque dominium for the motors, high compact encoders with various protocols, different types and layouts of the connectors, parking or dynamic brakes systems, high IP protection and even more.

Compact version

It represent the maximum expression of compactness and performance. Motor and gearbox are integrated together not with a typical PAM flange. Sun gear is mounted directly to the motor shaft and gear together with the first gearbox stage. This led to a reduction of axial layout up to 25%. The motor combination has been chosen in order to lead to maximum output and characterisation and at the same time the straightest layout.

The Bonfiglioli Experience

Bonfiglioli conceives, designs and produces custom solutions for Automated Guided Vehicles. We have been active in the intralogistics industry for a long time, and thanks to various product developments and expansions we built a solid reputation in this sector. We offer now the largest range of solutions to meet any need in this demanding sector. These solutions are developed with the highest levels of customization, which requires, right from the initial design phases, in-depth interaction between the customer and Bonfiglioli team, to ensure that all the required specifications and variants are known, for a product which perfectly meets expectations.


We always try to reach excellence. We are developing together with our customers high complexity solutions that are answering the main challenges and technological trends. During the development, our engineers work together with you across the engineering phases and define a very effective and reliable solution. In this process, the success of application depends on the close contact with customers in understanding all critical and borderline conditions. Therefore our pre-sales and after-sales teams, spread strategically over all continents, play such a crucial role, and ensuring complete support is at the heart of our global success. The product range and its proven reliability are only the starting point of a profitable relationship.


Inside the Motion & Robotic division we are integrating many technologies and product classes like motion control, HMI, new generation inverters, synchronous reluctance motors, permanent magnets motors, precision planetary gearboxes. This represents only a part of our complex reality.

Bonfiglioli AGV System is the highly flexible and modular platform for a wide spectrum of applications:

  • Warehouse and logistic
  • Parceling
  • Material handling
  • Automotive
  • Chemical and plastic
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical

A complete support during all engineering phases

Bonfiglioli believes that product development relies on passion, efficient processes and on the ability to understand customers’ needs. That’s why the development of the AGV Systems Platform allows the company to ensure advantages such as:

  • Expertise for customized solutions: active partnerships and co-engineering are meant to satisfy a wide range of individual requirements, from design constraints to type of duty cycles;
  • Complexity Reduction: the freely configurable modular solution is available in various combinations and sizes to match both design and performance requirements;
  • Sector Specific Requirements: with an extensive customization Bonfiglioli AGV platform meet specific industry requirements such as special operating temperature, surface and IP protection, compliance with specific regulations, safety functionality, critical borderline application condition and even more.