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Bonfiglioli has all you need for Marine industry

Bonfiglioli meets the specifications of the Marine & Offshore industry. As these needs become more and more demanding, the company keeps on studying and developing new solutions for one of the world’s toughest application fields. And the innovation never stops, even during such a complex, difficult year as 2020.

That’s why Bonfiglioli keeps on committing to provide the widest range of products in the market, with solutions for lifting, pulling and slewing machinery in marine and offshore applications, such as shipboard cranes, offshore cranes, deck machinery, azimuth thrusters and pipe layers. Bonfiglioli has also developed a specific range of gearboxes for jacking machinery with rack-and-pinion design, intended for jack-up drilling rigs, service lift boats, accommodation and windmill installation vessels. Ultimately, Bonfiglioli has everything you need!

And there are also two big new entries: the brand new 800 series and the FW XL series of winch drives.

What about the features of the 800 series?

The completely new 800 series of winch drives features many characteristics that make it the perfect solution for a very wide range of marine applications. First of all, it is a modular and versatile product that achieves the desired performance in a flexible way. Bonfiglioli can provide certified, tailor-made products in just  few weeks thanks to a modular approach and certified subgroups of components that can be easily assembled and shipped in a very short time.


Bonfiglioli takes care of every stage of the process, from design to installation, and after sales, considering the total lifetime of the product. That’s why the 800 series ensures easy access for operation and maintenance. It is also very adaptable, as it can be configured in any way the customer desires, and is always extremely performant in any condition. The series has 5 sizes, up to 240 kNm, provides high performance solutions and high input speeds; it features marine resistant paint, suitable for blast cleaning, and is also engineered for very harsh conditions, quite common in this sector (including an artic option able to endure -40°C).


In which applications does it find a place?

The 800 series of winch drive is certified and has type approval from agencies like ABS, DNV GL and Ex. It is also the perfect solution for many kinds of applications in the marine industry. For example, any type of vessel! From dredging to merchant vessels, from offshore construction vessels to platforms, not to mention work and tug boats, as well as pipelayers and cable layers.


And there’s more: the new FW XL series

The brand new FW XL series of winch drives provides various features that make it specifically designed for huge challenges and very harsh environments. First of all, it is designed to ensure top-quality performance at any time, in any kind of application. It is able to reach a torque of up to 3 million Nm (and 1,6 million torque FEM M5T5L2). It provides a wide range of ratios and a wide range of hydraulic and electric motors. And this series is specifically designed for difficult environmental conditions - where any other solution stops, we keep going forward. Plus, the FW XL series features a compact structure that always ensures high performance in a wide spectrum of winch applications.


Bonfiglioli cooperates with the customer at every stage of the process, providing support from beginning to end. It’s a clear process that complies with worldwide APQP standards and allows the customer to have a real tailor-made solution. The brand new series has a rugged design to guarantee the highest reliability standards - and its quality is certified. As well as the 800 series, the FW XL series of winch drives also ensures easy access for operation and maintenance - it’s very easy to access for oil filling, draining plugs and oil changes. The product is so compact it facilitates the assembling as well.


The FW XL series is the perfect solution for many kinds of applications in the marine industry, especially in harsh conditions - from deck machinery to heavy lift cranes, offshore platform cranes, cargo cranes and many others.

The widest product range in the world!


Bonfiglioli is a global partner with a worldwide presence, and it can count on 20 branches, 13 production facilities and more than 550 distribution partners. More than 30 years of experience has made Bonfiglioli the right partner for any company that operates in this sector. Bonfiglioli’s goal is to co-engineer the product with the customer and to fine tune it together, providing support in every stage of the process.

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