Logistic & Intralogistic Success Story

Bonfiglioli & Carer

Bonfiglioli’s solutions are developed with the highest level of customization. Right from the initial design phases, we work close to our customers to create a product that perfectly meets their expectations and solve their issues. Discover more about a special solution that we designed for Carer, an Italian company with 44 years of experience in the forklift sector.

Carer is Today, through its products, it has gained credibility and reliability on the world market. Its A 160-200X electric forklift is widely hailed as being among the largest on the market.

In many respects, Carer is considered a pioneering player in the application of electronic principles and technology to forklifts. Its highly qualified and experienced team of engineers continues to drive its research forwards, developing and applying new know-how, in order to optimise and improve the quality and performance of its products.

In this collaborative relationship, Bonfiglioli has contributed to offering its enormous experience in the development of gearboxes, gear-motors and electric motors, devising innovative and tailor-made solutions for this customer.

The challenge

In partnership with Bonfiglioli, Carer was searching for a solution that would enable it to improve the efficiency of its product performance.

In particular, its strategic goal was to find an experienced partner who, thanks to its dedicated products, would find a way to increase the performance of Carer’s electric forklift truck in terms of traction power, in order to make it comparable to a heat engine truck.

Carer had thought of installing only one engine, but this did not solve the problem, since it was unable to reach power levels comparable to traditional forklifts.

Our solution

To meet this challenge, Bonfiglioli – in synergy with the customer and after a careful analysis of the situation – developed a dedicated solution involving the use of two electric motors and related gearboxes.

This led the forklift to reach a traction power of approximately 60 kW, comparable in performance to a 100 kW heat engine, thus achieving a major milestone in terms of performance.

The product that best satisfied the customer's needs was, of course, the 610X, from the 600 series of Bonfiglioli planetary gearboxes for wheel drives.

This final solution features many elements that make this product the perfect answer to the needs of manufacturers:

  • a compact and functional design
  • twin electric motor integration
  • multi-disc parking and service brake
  • an optional disengagement device for towing the vehicle in an emergency.

The advantages obtained

Bonfiglioli’s solution has brought numerous advantages to the customer, including:

  • an increase in performance, now comparable to that provided by heat engines
  • reduced noise level, thanks to the use of helical toothing, which ensures optimal meshing
  • massive energy recovery during braking (70% electric and 30% hydraulic)
  • a wide range of dimension options, in terms of machine width and other components
  • the two axles make it easier to reach the components during maintenance

This type of solution makes it possible to match combustion machines in terms of performance, but it also provides considerable savings in terms of total cost of ownership.


"Although Bonfiglioli is a multinational company, it was able to meet the needs of a small and dynamic company like ours, thanks to careful co-engineering… essential for the development of innovative products like this."

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