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Bonfiglioli new Plants 

Our worldwide reach always puts us where our customers need us. We believe that deep understanding of application requirements - both technical and environmental - make the difference in providing the right products in a timely manner.

During the last year we opened three new production plants around the world to be everyday closer to our customers. 

Want to know more about our new plants worldwide? 


EVO: Bonfiglioli's newest manufacturing plant



EVO, is far more than just an innovative plant. EVO is a philosophy and a mindset, based on EVOLUTION, continuous growth and improvement.

EVO is a new goal for significant transformation and growth that Bonfiglioli has developed over the past years. It lays the foundation for the Group’s competent leap into digitalisation and realignment of its work and production to Industry 4.0.
Evo is a new factory but, above all, it is a new work concept for the future, built by people for people, with no fear of tomorrow

Sonia Bonfiglioli 

EVO in numbers


  • 35.500 sqm building
  • 45.000 sqm green area
  • 1700 smq R&D
  • 150.000 sqm total area
  • 1.000.000 pieces product capacity


EVO represent a  significant transformation and growth that Bonfiglioli has developed over the past 10 years. The new headquarter stand on the “Clementino Bonfiglioli” site at Calderara di Reno, Italy, near Bologna, an area of 150,000 sqm. 

EVO came to life in record time, only 11 months. The construction site was active 6 days per week with an average of 9 working hours per day. In the project have been involved 97 companies with over 100 people on the site every day.

NZEB building

EVO is a Nearly Zero Energy Building. The compactness of the building, its external structure, the use of high performance energy systems, the production of energy from renewable sources over covering the requirements are some of the characteristics that contribute to make it a NZEB.
Other environmental factors considered and treated in the project are viability and traffic, noise, soil atmosphere, under ground, groundwater, surface water. Special attention is also given to #green areas with 45,000 mq of green surface and 350 new trees planted by the end of the project, creating green spaces for employees and workers with the aim to improve everyone's working quality life.

Industry 4.0 

Digitization of production and assembly processes is the key to optimizing long-running processes and boosting flexibility and efficiency. In the new EVO production plant, industry 4.0 enables much quicker flow of customized products radically reducing inventories throughout the supply chain, reducing our customers’ machines time-to-market. 
  • may 2019 - evo first product 

  • april 2019 - Welcome Day 

  • April 2018 - groundbreaking 

  • 2018-2019

    From digital re-training to Manufacturing excellence academy 4.0 

  • december 2017 - Manufacturing day

Bonfiglioli USA 

Hebron, Kentucky facility nearly doubles in size

Serving more industries and applications than any other drive manufacturer, Bonfiglioli North America’s full service facility has grown steadily over the past 20 years, where the revenue is now 50 times more than it was just 15 years ago.

Market sectors include construction, food & beverage, tobacco, packaging, material handling, waste water treatment, agriculture, earth moving , biogas, drilling , metal processing, recycling, wind, mining, forestry, wood processing, textile, marine & off-shore drilling and many more.

This is an important milestone for the entire Bonfiglioli Group.  The United States is a key market and a wonderful region with fantastic people. Our aim is to be there as an active part of the local and US economy, and to welcome the great opportunities and challenges of this market to grow together

Sonia Bonfiglioli 

Bonfiglioli USA in numbers

  • 155,000 sq. ft. building
  • 432,986 sq. ft. total area
  • 100,000 pieces product capacity


Click the video to see 10 months of construction condensed to 75 seconds.

The North American headquarters provides sales, customer service, engineering, technical support, assembly, after-sales support and quality control to customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.



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