Developing new products for a greener future

Products for a more sustainable world

Bonfiglioli is a market leader in a wide range of tailored solutions, including gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters. But there’s much more than that. As Sonia Bonfiglioli said, “We are passion, courage for innovation and human excellence”. We are a global company, whose choices and decisions can positively affect a large number of communities worldwide; this vision allows us to constantly tailor ourselves to new challenges.
That’s why we are switching to new sites and renovating plants already in place with advanced solutions to maximize efficiency and harness the power of renewable energy. But it’s not just a matter of process: building a sustainable future means not only reducing the impacts of internal processes, but also working to make more sustainable products.

We believe transformation is possible in a sustainable way. Doing business worldwide, we pay attention to the environmental impact of our production.

Sonia Bonfiglioli

A sustainable effort

Developing and producing more sustainable products with a lower environmental impact means embracing change and being able to exploit all the resources and technologies capable of improving the product, with the contribution of everyone.


We provide added value and continuously adapt to changing market conditions, economic scenarios, and environmental regulations: we keep on developing new products with a special focus on energy efficiency, recovery, and fuel consumption and emissions reduction. Plus, with a market share of over 30% in wind turbine drives, we are a global leader in this industry that is crucial in terms of renewable energy.


We offer our clients remote support and monitoring; they can rely on the information we gather through IoT technologies to define consumption parameters, set sustainability goals, and make informed decisions on environmental matters. The search for a more sustainable business is a mindset, a vision that never abandons us, especially when it comes to developing new products. Here’s just a hint of what we have been able to develop so far; we’re ready to engineer the future.


Solutions to produce renewable energy: the wind industry

Bonfiglioli is a market leader that provides a complete package dedicated to the wind sector. Our set of products for wind turbines sustains innovative ways of producing clean energy and helps our customers to contribute to a more sustainable world - pitch drives, yaw drive systems and new recent features like the integrated torque sensors and the torque limiter show that Bonfiglioli always thinks outside of the box and continuously searches for the most cost-effective solution.

More energy efficiency and emission reductions with an optimized Power Drive System

The new series of Bonfiglioli synchronous reluctance motors BSR are in high efficiency class (IE4) and guarantee the same size as the IE2 class induction standard motors. They have also been combined with the Active Cube frequency inverters to develop a more efficient Power Drive System. In comparison to conventional motor-frequency inverter solutions, the Bonfiglioli Power Drive System minimizes overall energy consumption in different operation points. Overall, this solution is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and it can be fully integrated in Industry 4.0 plants.

Gearmotors for sustainable mobility

We developed a range of drive units specifically designed for hybrid and electric applications that result in a significant reduction in direct emissions. We dedicated R&D resources to develop our offer: in the material handling area, we have completed the development of a complete range of planetary gearboxes for wheel drives application of counterbalanced and warehousing electric forklift trucks.

Electric traction unit for battery powered vehicles

We are also developing a range of versatile low noise differential transmission coupled to electric motors dedicated to all-electric, battery powered vehicles (BEV) such as small passenger cars, commercial vehicles and delivery trucks. These solutions ensure more energy-efficient operations and extended autonomy from the battery.

Electric solutions for earth moving machines

In a few years electromobility will become a real alternative for earth moving machines as well. The use of electric drives grants higher efficiency by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and making maintenance easier. These solutions allow the machine to be operated inside enclosed environments with lower noise and no direct polluting emissions. For this reason, we are developing a range of slew and track drives for full-electric mini-excavators.

AEC: Regenerating energy

There is a new, effective solution for recovering braking energy: the AEC Regenerative Inverter Series.

Conventional systems based on braking resistors simply waste braking energy as heat. With regenerative functionalities, recovered energy is fed back to the supply network and redistributed to other equipment.

The AEC series is suitable for applications with cyclic or continuous braking such as cranes, big conveyors, winders and rewinders, flywheels, presses, turntables and centrifuges.