Success story

Stirrer mixer for the chemical industry

One of our customers from the chemical industry had some issue with its mixer machine and, through the mechatronic solution proposed by Tecnotrans Bonfiglioli, was able to achieve a more reliable, cost-effective and lighter solution and with reduced manufacturing times.


How does this mixer-shaker work?


The mixer starts working with a liquid based product. The operators load various powdered chemical components to form a glue mix. The quantity introduced is based on the mechanical torque monitored by the drive. After the mixture is stabilized, the cycle ends.


Before installing Bonfiglioli’s solution

Our customer had a mixer with direct to the power grid connected gearmotor. The solution had frequent mechanical torque peaks which resulted in frequent breakage of the agitator shaft.

The reducer they were using had a hollow shaft which implies the manufacture of a solid shaft with a coupling flange.

One of the biggest challenges was the difficulty of modernizing the industrial process in this company, which had traditional solutions and not a mechatronic solution like the one proposed by Bonfiglioli.
Bonfiglioli's solution

Gearmotor - 300 Series

Our solution combines a 300M series planetary gear motor and Agile frequency inverter. A gearbox equipped with a solid shaft output and reinforced bearings, a plug-in coupling flange for the agitator shaft, and an inverter to control and monitor the motor torque
Main features of the 300M series:

  • dedicated output versions for agitators and mixers;
  • modularity and wide possibility of customization;
  • optimum weightratio;
  • high capacity to support radial and axial loads on the output shaft;
  • high resistance to peak loads and vibrations;
  • available in ATEX 2G/2D version

Frequency Inverter - Agile Series

  • Easy startup.
  • Energy saving.
  • Integrated security.
  • Diagnosis of errors.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Compact size.
  • Integrated automation.
  • Control without feedback.
  • Integrated filter.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Bonfiglioli added value

With Bonfiglioli's complete mechatronic solution, these are the benefits the customer has gained:

  • 10% cheaper solution. 
  • 5% shorter manufacturing times.
  • 40% lighter gearbox.
  • easy maintenance, no tear down required.
  • Monitoring and optimization of the production process.
  • Longer machine lifetime.

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