Success story: Bonfiglioli drives for the different movements of a crane for Industrias Ferri

Drives of the different movements of a crane
for Industrias Ferri

Today we present a new success story. In this story, we are talking about the implementation of drives for the different winches of a crane for the company Industrias Ferri.

Bonfiglioli has offered a customised solution and pre-sales advice to our client for the joint development of the application.

As part of this solution, we take care of the dimensioning and supply of the drives for the different movements of the crane. For this purpose, we made a proposal combining the 300 series planetary gear units and the 700C series wheel gear units.

Bonfiglioli Solution
300 series gear units

The 300 series planetary gear units for the industrial sector, (Heavy Duty) sized for high output torque between 471,000 Nm and 1,286,700 Nm of rated torque in the reference application, combined with the 700C series wheel gear units, which allow a highly compacted drive as the gear unit is completely embedded inside the reel, have been the solution selected by our application engineers.

The main features offered by the Bonfiglioli 300M series can be summarised as:

- Special output versions for stirrers and mixers, as well as for cranes’ slewing movements, reclaimers, thickeners, etc.

- High modularity and high customisation

- High ratio/weight.

- High capacity of the output shafts to withstand radial and axial loads.
- High resistance to shock and vibration.

- Available in ATEX 2G/2D version.

Serie 700C

Bonfiglioli's 700C series is well suited for any crawler crane. Thanks to its compact and robust design, high load and torque capacities, as well as the flexibility to adapt to our customers' needs, this solution is the best possible choice for rotary movements.

All gear units are available with a fail-safe parking brake and most have the option of a fixed type cartridge or a variable system.


Added value of the
Bonfiglioli solution

These are the benefits that the Bonfiglioli solution has brought to the customer:

  • Joint machine development, Bonfiglioli has collaborated as technical partner in the development of this solution for Industrias Ferri.
  • Wide product portfolio, allowing us to have the most suitable solution for each crane movement.
  • Product customisation, developing dedicated options, covering 100% of customer needs.
  • High reliability and robustness.
  • After-sales and implementation follow-up, guaranteeing an optimal operation of the application.

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