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From the Bonfiglioli experience comes DGM, the new range of decentralized inverters for the control of asynchronous motors. DGM is perfect for the pump, ventilation and process industries thanks to the PID control, the high number of on-board I / O (digital and analog) and the integrated Soft Plc as standard for stand-alone applications. DGM can be supplied combined with a gearmotor or separately, for wall or on-board motor mounting. When the inverter is supplied with the gearmotor, mechanical assembly, wiring and basic programming are performed by Bonfiglioli, thus reducing installation times, limiting the risk of errors. Design and installation are faster than inverters installed in classic centralized switchboards.


Degree of protection


  • Key benefits
    • Application switchboard volume and cooling system reduction
    • Streamlined and simpler plant design.
    • Plant extensibility not affected by switchboard capacity.
    • No expensive shielded power cables required (otherwise necessary to meet the EMC standards).
    • Possibility of remote control thanks to the wide availability of digital and analog inputs and outputs and available field buses.
  • Main options
    • Sensorless Vector Control.
    • PID operation with automatic speed control.
    • Automatic starting torque optimization
    • Configurable operation with typical quadratic curve
    • Motor-potentiometer function
    • Configurable quick restart

    • STO operating safety
    • Motor protection I2t function
    • Locked shaft control
    • Start error assessment
    • Motor current limitation based on the settings
    • Embedded EMC filter in all versions

    • Fieldbus option
    • Automatic scrolling compensation
    • Brake Chopper Option
    • Brake Rectifier module Option

    • Cover embedded MMI option
    • Cover embedded Foil Keypad option
    • Wide range of configuration options, also thanks to the embedded PLC
  • Sizes
    Single-phase version with a wide range of configuration options.
    • 0.37 … 1.1 kW
    As for DGM1,
    but in the three-phase version
    • 0.55 … 22.0 kW

Types & Powers



Product catalogue - DGM series

Product Range I&A

DGM User Manual
Operating instructions

DGM Profinet Communication Manual
Operating instructions

Man machine interface - Technical manual
Operating instructions

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