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The new Bonfiglioli Premium frequency inverters series

AxiaVert: simply smarter!

The new Bonfiglioli AxiaVert series is designed to allow great flexibility and top-level performance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in different sectors such as material handling, automated storage, packaging or textile.
Thanks to its modular system, the AxiaVert series offers integrated Functional Safety, optional encoder evaluation and open communication protocols complying with Industry 4.0 standards
An intuitive GUI ensure the highest ease of use for commissioning and monitoring.


Top-level Functional Safety, high control performance and IIoT-ready solution for a wide spectrum of applications.



Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be flexibly adapted to meet many different application requirements by selecting among the suitable hardware modules, variants and accessories


Functional Safety

The AxiaVert series offers integrated Functional Safety according to SIL 3 (EN 61508) and PL e (EN 13849-1), organized into different variants, which can be selected to best suit the application’s requirements, optimizing price and performance to match the machine functions.


The advanced digital and open communication protocols complying with automation and Industry 4.0 standards allow a smooth integration into automation networks thanks to the compatibility with a wide range of fieldbus protocols and the possibility to extend the AxiaVert series with the OPC-UA protocol.


The AxiaVert Series Key features and benefits


Advanced communication

Flexible communication protocols complying with automation and Industry 4.0 standards

Functional Safety

Wide range of advanced integrated Functional Safety capabilities

Control performance

High accuracy in Speed, Position and Torque control with or without encoder feedback


Wide range of option modules, IEC 61131-3 PLC programming

User experience

Graphical user interface for PC and mobile devices, wired and wireless connectivity (USB, Bluetooth), graphical keypad


Supported control of wide range of motor types with high value motion and control features


Integrated device and application monitoring

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AxiaVert Series

AxiaVert Series
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