The new Bonfiglioli geared motor platform. 

You deserve
more than a standard
  • Compact IE3 class Asynchronous motor from 0,12kW
  • Every mounting position available
  • Modular Options and versions
  • Radial and Axial reinforced bearings on the Gear Unit output shaft
  • Silent and efficient Gears
  • Sensorless condition monitoring when used with AxiaVert
Coaxial Gear Unit

EVOX CP is an helical in-line product designed with a smooth surface and thanks to the wide range of versions/options and motor technology available in the Bonfiglioli portfolio, this new product can be adapted to any machine need.

  • Smooth gear unit surface: Easy-Clean Gear Unit surface
  • State of the art reliability: Using top quality components improves the reliability of the whole product
  • Unlimited mounting Positions: With its unique oil level, this gear unit can be fitted on any position.
Asynchronous Motor

EVOX BXN, MXN e MNN are asynchronous low voltage e-motors, developed in the sign of modularity, efficiency and reliability. They are the answer to a continuous growing of tech complexity market demand and they are compliant with the strictest energy efficiency standards. The EVOX motor portfolio is available both stand alone and in a compact coupling with the Bonfiglioli Gear Units.

  • One motor covers several countries: EU, USA, India & Australia With one product code
  • Modular electric motor: Modular brakes, encoders, fans and rotating terminal box
  • Uncompromised Efficiency: This motor will be compliant with the most severe regulations in the world in terms of efficiency
  • State of the art reliability: Using top quality components improves the reliability of the whole product
Sensorless monitoring for predictive maintenance


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