How Bonfiglioli's Helical In-line Gearmotors (AS Series) is driving success for FEDA Inc.'s agitators and mixers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Partnering with FEDA Inc. for Chemical processes

FEDA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of world-class process equipment and can supply a wide range of engineered and customised solutions for the chemical process industries. Their customers can be mainly found in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries.

The FEDA-Bonfiglioli connection goes back many years, right from the inception of FEDA inc 2006. Bonfiglioli's Helical In-line AS Series Gearmotors have been driving FEDA’s Agitators and Mixers for over 15 years now and has been delivering performance in the most difficult applications.

Our Customer Application Engineering team works very closely with FEDA Inc, to support them in design and selection of the optimal drive solution for a given application.

Helical In-line Gearmotors

Bonfiglioli’s Helical In-line Gearmotors (AS Series) are an ideal solution for Agitators and Mixer applications. These gearmotors are compact, require less mounting space and offer a wide torque range with several ratio combinations. These AS Series Gearmotors are proven in the field for many years now and are very rugged, maintenance free and highly reliable.

Key benefits of AS Series

- Minimized mounting space

- Reduced installation space

- Reduced standard backlash

- Highly dynamic, energy-saving solution

- Wide output speed selection range

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The ideal gearmotors for applications where reliability and low maintenance are key factors.

Mr.Ashok Chaurasia
Managing Director, FEDA Inc
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Last year, despite the pandemic, FEDA manufactured and sold approximately 350 units of Agitators and notched Rs.20 Cr in turnover. FEDA Inc. is optimistic about the future and are certain that in the coming years they will be one of the most preferred partner for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

This partnership of Bonfiglioli and FEDA Inc. is strengthening and together we are setting up a foundation to achieve these ambitious goals. Robust solutions backed by customisation, fast turnaround times and reliable customer support have helped FEDA Inc. to continuously grow in the competitive market.

Bonfiglioli always provides the perfectly balanced solution, in terms of efficiency, dynamics and cost-effectiveness.


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