Bonfiglioli & Modula S.p.a.
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Italian company Modula has been designing and producing automatic storage solutions since 1987.

Its highly advanced automated mobile tray warehouse is the product most closely linked to the history and identity of this prestigious company, the leader in its market.


Modula works on automatic warehouses and workstation equipment for companies across all product markets, with a customer base active in industries including automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, metalworking, iron and steel, chemical, pneumatics, pharmaceutical, electronics, ceramics, packaging, plastics and paper.

In developing a range of storage options designed to satisfy the needs of multiple customer types, it has created high-density storage solutions which save up to 90% of floor space and feature rapid picking operations for optimal efficiency.

The Bonfiglioli solution

Modula was looking for a partner able to offer a complete solution (gearmotor + drive) that delivered high performance and reliability and could meet the complex and varied application requirements from a technical perspective.

This was where Bonfiglioli came in, providing a “complete package” of products to support all machine movements, the motorisation and the electronic control.

In detail, the solution comprised:

  • Lifting: F41 \ BN + Brake \ ACU
  • Tray: A10 \ BN + Brake \ ACU
  • Bay drop-off: VF49 \ BN + Brake \ AGL
  • Door: VF44 \ BN + Brake \ AGL

From supplier to strategic partner

One of the challenges of this project was Modula’s requirement for controlling the two motors that action vertical and horizontal tray shifting within the warehouse via a single inverter.

The need to manage two different applications was met by developing bespoke firmware for the ACU inverter that was able to satisfy the customer’s needs.

This comprehensive solution transformed Bonfiglioli’s support into a strategic intervention combining design and functionality

We are very proud of the results achieved and would like to thank all the valued team members involved.