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Bonfiglioli gearmotors are designed to accommodate primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes as well as handling.

Packaging varies in shape, size, and materials, as do packaging machines. In the ever-evolving world of consumer satisfaction, companies are quick to change their products to respond to market needs. Packaging machinery has had to adapt to handle all these variables - and so has the automation component suppliers behind-the-scenes.

From high overload specifications to parallel control of multiple motors and high breakaway torque to continuous low speed functioning and more, we have created dedicated solutions to meet the requirements of various packaging machines and applications.

We pride ourselves in constantly improving and evolving to meet customers’ needs. Harry Singh, Project and Contracts Engineer for Bonfiglioli underpins this statement saying: “We are on a constant mission to reassess dimensions, increase flexibility, accommodate extreme load conditions and facilitate the integration of features”.

Harry notes that high output, speed, and efficiency is key. “Our solutions satisfy even the most stringent of performance specifications to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and of course, energy savings. We offer solutions and support for both liquid filling and solid packaging. Our gearmotors are designed to accommodate primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes as well as handling".

Packaging Industry Heroes

VF Worm Gear Motor

The VF worm gear motor can be used for cleaning, sterilising, and drying applications. “The VF provides state-of-the-art technology at a competitive price” notes Harry.

A high level of flexibility is possible due to the wide range of mounting options, shaft configuration and motor interfaces that are all offered as standard. “The helical-worm and double-worm versions are available with or without a torque limiter to enhance the versatility of the drive”.

As one of the star products in our stable, and for which the company is world famous, it covers a wide torque range. It is available in torque range 13 to 7100Nm in up to 75kW.

A Series Helical Bevel Motor

The A series helical bevel motor can be used in various applications. It’s compact, offers a modular design and universal mounting.

“With reinforced bearings for higher overhung load capacity this product combines versatility, performance, and price. The A series is available in torque range 100 to 14000Nm,” he notes.

TQ In-Line Precision Planetary Gearbox

The TQ series in-line precision planetary gearbox is equipped with high torque density, high overload capacity, exceptional precision, and low vibration scores in each performance category.

“TQ is particularly suited for the demanding requirements of servo systems - such as fast dynamics and frequent reverse motion, precise position, motion control as well as high numbers of starts and stops”.

It is currently available in a nominal torque range from 21Nm to 800Nm, with standard and low backlash options to suit variable packaging applications – particularly where precision is required. “It’s IP65 protection rating, ease of connection with various servo motors and standard IEC adaptor design, makes this product is extensively competitive in this market” adds Harry.

TQF Precision Planetary Servo Gearmotor

“In addition to above, we also offer a TQF series with an exceptionally compact flange interface for easy installations in situations where space matters”.

High tilting moment, high stiffness, and overload capacity each characterise this robust gearbox within its product category.

“The TQF series is equip with a nominal torque range between 30Nm to 800Nm to suit various applications and can be fitted with our BMD series of Permanent Magnet AC Servo motors”.

These motors are manufactured using the “salient pole” technology. “The dimensions of the motor are drastically reduced, with considerable advantages in terms of torque density, overall dimensions and dynamic performance.” he concludes.