COVID-19 Notice by Bonfiglioli Australia - New Zeland

Sydney, March 2020    

With concerns circulating around a ‘massive quarantine’ in Northern Italy, Martin Broglia, Managing Director for Bonfiglioli ANZ has assured customers of its continued commitment to the local market.

“At this time, we can assure customers of our business continuity. In Australia and New Zealand, we have experienced no delays and hold a large stock holding locally to keep up with continued orders across the continent,” he says.

“Since no quarantine has been implemented, Bonfiglioli is naturally adopting all countermeasures recommended by the World Health Organization, as well as observing National and Regional Government rules and recommendations”.

“Our Headquarters, Business Units, Plants and Branch Offices all over the world and in Italy, are working regularly without interruptions caused by material or workforce unavailability.”

Broglia underpins these statements confirming that there are no limitations or restrictions on material shipments from any city, region or country whatsoever which he says has been official stated by their head office in a letter from the CEO. “As far as jobs that require mandatory physical presence (e.g. workshop blue collars) are concerned, there are actually no limitations or restrictions in having people at work at our office in Italy. In agreement with the Italian government’s recommendations, Bonfiglioli head office has restricted business travelling and meetings to those strictly essential, to protect the health of our and other’s employees.”

Broglia notes that as things stand, all the measures adopted allows business to be carried out as usual. “We remain engaged with our customers and committed to maintaining high service and product supply levels. We will keep ensuring open communication and keep our customers updated if the situation changes. We urge anyone with concerns to chat to our team.”