Bonfiglioli and Save the Children: how we’re transforming children’s lives in Uganda

Here at Bonfiglioli education is close to our hearts. And that’s why we’re pleased that the donation we made last year to leading international charity Save the Children has funded a project to build accommodation for four teachers at a local school in Uganda’s most heavily populated region, the central Wasiko District. The project will provide better access to schooling for more than 122 children and, in turn, improve literacy rates and boost future opportunities for the local community.

As well as low literacy rates, 13% of school-age children in Uganda do not attend school. One of the key issues affecting education in the country is teacher absenteeism – a result of the difficulty of reaching schools located in remote areas.

The accommodation, made possible by our contribution, was completed in September and means that teachers will be able to prepare and hold regular classes for children at the school, as well as provide remedial support where needed. The local children, many of whom combine domestic duties with schooling, will also have access to the teachers whenever they need them.

In line with our commitment to social responsibility, we share Save the Children’s belief that quality education is key to ensuring children have the opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their communities – and we’re proud to have made a practical contribution to achieving that goal!

And the inspiration for our commitment? That comes from Clementino Bonfiglioli, our Group’s founder, who believed in preparing future generations for leadership roles in society. His daughter, Sonia Bonfiglioli, who now leads our company, has embraced this mission and expanded it to include support for initiatives based on three key pillars: young people, education and local development.

In line with Bonfiglioli’s position as a global company, we also back educational initiatives in Italy, India, South Africa and Vietnam, in addition to our support for this project in Uganda.