Complete solution for roller conveyors: UAB VMG Technics –Hidrobalt- Bonfiglioli co-engineering

UAB VMG Technics is one of the twenty companies of the VMG group; it has two plants in Lithuania, in Klaipeda and Akmenė, where wooden panels are made and mainly used by a renowned global brand as kitchen components.

VMG Group invests in wood processing and manufacturing of sustainable wood products, renewable energy park, innovation and technology industry development, engineered wood structures for construction and infrastructure, effective industrial real estate management in the Baltic States, Poland and other European Union countries. More than 90 percent of VMG Group production is exported to 30 countries worldwide.

Thanks to an unparalleled know-how on the market, which allows it to cover all the technical specifications, Bonfiglioli has designed perfect roller conveyors to transport UAB VMG Technics wooden panels.

The challenge: a more efficient roller conveyor system and constant assistance

In the past, for its roller conveyors, UAB VMG Technics used an on-board machine geometrically similar to an on-board inverter, though far less sophisticated. This means it was able to start and brake the machine regularly, but not fully manage the speed ramps and work cycle variation.

This type of solution, supplied by a Bonfiglioli competitor, was reasonably priced, however it featured a non-technologically advanced electronic part and an electromechanical part that was not just based on the data received but on previous experience as well.

From an electronic point of view, the challenges of this project also involved providing the customer with constant support during the pre-sales, inverter commissioning and after-sales stages.

Ultimately, what VMG Technics UAV was looking for in a partner was:

  • reliability, determination, plus the right know-how
  • ability to develop a co-engineering project
  • excellent mechatronic support during the pre-sales stage
  • just-in-time management of delivery times and of the after-sales stage


The Bonfiglioli solution for VMG Technics UAV roller conveyors

Compared to the economical solutions previously installed on VMG Technics UAV roller conveyors, the system offered by Bonfiglioli included sturdier gearmotors and a much more performing inverter.


Changes to the work cycle were suggested and immediately accepted for the acceleration and deceleration ramps, and the advantages of control via DGM-MPM were introduced. This proves very user-friendly, more flexible and manages the cycle in a fast, comprehensive and effective way.


Bonfiglioli was able to develop a robust high-performance solution, which was recognised as extremely efficient by UAV VMG Technics, although the latter had not yet considered using a similar system.

Here are the devices supplied:

  • 34 pcs. C41 + MX at 1.1 kW + DGM-MPM at 1.5 kW
  • 18 pcs. C36 + MX at 1.1 kW + DGM-MPM at 1.5 kW 
  • 24 pcs. C32 + MX at 0.75 kW + DGM-MPM at 0.75 kW
  • 66 pcs. A 30 + MX at 1.5 kW + DGM-MPM at 1.5 kW

The above-mentioned products have been installed in the Akmenė plant.

The gearmotors have been connected to the roller conveyors via a pinion-chain system, each gearmotor was controlled by an inverter for each gearmotor, fitted on the machine and connected to a PLC.


The main elements that led to choosing Bonfiglioli as the main partner in this project were: the ability to manage a co-engineering project, the shared intentions, the unity and determination of Bonfiglioli’s team and Hidrobalt, official BEST partner in Lithuania, as well as the excellent mechatronic support provided at the pre-sales stage.


This result was also achieved thanks to close cooperation with the local distributor, who assembled the gearmotors from a sub-unit by relying on an external electronic consultant for the commissioning stage and on constant support from Bonfiglioli.