Success story: Anti-sway system for cranes

Anti-sway system for cranes

Through one of Bonfiglioli's sustainable mechatronic solutions, CEMVISA achieves better travel times on its overhead cranes, increasing safety during load braking.

Vicinay Cemvisa is part of the VICINAY Multinational Industrial Group, with more than 200 years of business experience. It is a company specialised in the manufacture of electric chain and wire rope hoists, heavy duty chain and lifting equipment, overhead cranes and grade 80 chains; with extensive experience in the industrial sector.

The bridge cranes designed and manufactured by Vicinay Cemvisa are lifting equipment consisting of a hoist mounted on a beam (monorail) or on two beams (bi-rail).
The endcarriages, fundamental parts of any bridge crane, are the mobile element that is seated on the raceways, which are anchored to the structure of the pavilion.

The main use of Vicinay Cemvisa's overhead cranes is lifting, transport or handling of loads that due to their dimensions or weight must be handled in a comfortable and safe way.


CEMVISA is a company committed to innovation, which is why it is collaborating with Bonfiglioli to further optimise its overhead cranes, in particular with the characteristic swinging effect of this type of crane, due to the movement of the suspended load when it slides in a translation movement.

There are several anti-sway systems on the market, but they require a series of equipment that make the crane more expensive, and we were looking for a truly innovative solution that would also be more competitive, easier and more appealing to crane users.

Sustainable Mechatronic Solution

by Bonfiglioli

Bonfiglioli's proposed solution, the result of its thorough experience in this sector, is based on the development of an anti-sway system to reduce the sway effect on the crane application, without the use of external sensors for load position detection. This special function is used to dampen the load sway due to the crane's slewing motion, as well as the carriage and translation movement. This function is available on Bonfiglioli's ACTIVE CUBE series, which is the equipment that best suits CEMVISA's needs.

Active Cube range
In addition, for this particular application, two brake motors and an incremental encoder have been installed in one of them, resulting in a compact and easy to handle solution.


Final assessment

CEMVISA expressed its satisfaction with the solution proposed by Bonfiglioli, as it has experienced a significant improvement in crane travelling with Bonfiglioli's anti-sway system, which, in addition to compensating for load balancing during braking, makes it possible to leave the load unbalanced at the moment of stopping. Providing a highly valued and important safety component in crane operations.

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